The Lemonbar will be delivered as a mobile Cocktail bar with complete interior. It will be ready to use and ready for occupancy. It is made of weather-resistant fibreglass and is therefore applicable both in summer and in winter.

Only little space needed

For a successful business a floor space of approx. 4.5 m2 is needed. Since stand rental is very often accounted according to the space occupied, with the Lemonbar you have acquired an operating system with lowest operating cost and maximum profit.

A standardised car trailer

A certified car trailer provides is an easy way to provide mobility. The advantage of the mobile bar system: You exclusively run your business at places with high person frequency and do not have to wait for customers to find their way to you. The required coupling device for the car is not included in the scope of delivery.

Technical product description

The Lemonbar is a construction of fibreglass and steel with a total weight of 500 kg and a diameter of 2,20 m(7,2 feet). The height of the closed Lemonbar with wheels is 2.60 m (8,5 feet) (2,45 m (8 feet) without wheels), the height of the opened Lemonbar with wheels is 3.00 m (9,8 feet) (2.80 m (9,2 feet) without wheels).

Inside the Lemonbar there are shelves for storing fresh fruit, mineral water and extra bottles of alcohol as well as spaces for small articles such as the cash box, garbage bags, straws etc. On the bar stand the Lemon press for manual enterprise, a cutting board, 2 sugar bowls, and spoons as well as a knife. In the winter the electrical kettle for the hot water preparation can be placed in front of the bar flap. A metal stand with a control counter is used for keeping the alcohol bottles. A homogeneous light system, an insulated 10 litre crash icebox and a kitchen sink with armatures make a fully adapted Cocktail bar for professionals. A plexiglass inside the Lemonbar displays each drink in a graphically appealing way.

If a completely autonomous bar operation should be necessary, the Lemonbar can easily be equipped with a power set.

Lemonbar | Technical equipment

  • 1 insulated 10 litre crash ice box with lid
  • 1 wash basin with mixing tap
  • 1 lead for external water supply
  • 1 lighting set with a switch
  • 1 waste pipe for external waste disposal
  • 1 bar table addition
  • 1 plexiglass spitting protection
  • 1 storage vessel for lemons, oranges and limes
  • 1 lead for external power
  • 2 x 20 litres tanks for fresh and run-off water
  • 1 water pump for the freshwater tank
  • 1 plexiglass display for the beverage list
  • Various plug sockets

Trailer | Technical equipment

  • mobile trailer with standardized number plate
  • 1 drawbar with removable back-part
  • 1 light system for night travels
  • 1 crank handle

Cost of sales

The Lemonbar enables with a minimum cost of sales the highest possible profit.

You only purchase what you can immediately use or use in a longer term thus no leftovers or waste. That is one of the substantial differences to conventional bars or restaurants. In the Lemonbar the drinks are freshly and directly prepared in front of the customer. A Lemon drink looks better and of course tastes much better than a drink, what has already been waiting for hours in a showcase (see e.g. fruit juice bars convenience stores). For the business only few different goods are needed: 3 kinds of fresh fruits: lemons, oranges and limes Alcohol need: Vodka, Bacardi, Casaza, Campari and Prosecco Furthermore you need: Straws, small spoons, crash ice, sugar and brown sugar. That is everything!

Lemonbar plastic cup with Logo

As a Franchisee you offer the wonderful fruit cocktails exclusively in the original Lemonbar plastic cups with the unmistakable Logo. The use of the Logo cups is an element of the franchise contract and is therefore mandatory. Concerning the purchase of goods to date there are no further contractual relations for the Franchise partner.


There is no easier way: As simply as washing your car, the Lemonbar can be cleaned with a high pressure cleaner at every gas station. It is fresh- and seawater-protected, rust- and weather-resistant.

Thank you for interest in our Franchise.
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