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How a dream can become true...

Corporate Philosophy

The corporate philosophy goes back to the origin, away from industrially prefabricated beverages and right up to the manually prepared fruit juice drink. Therefore communication and individuality is the centre of attention of the company. The customer always receives a biologically unadulterated and hand shaken fruit cocktail.Numerous entrepreneurs have already successfully carried out their dream as a part of the track record of the enterprise.

"fff" - fresh-friendly-fast

The Lemonbar guarantees best quality at the best price. The slogan: "the customer is king" is our true office routine and has the highest priority. "fff - fresh - friendly - fast" - Our philosophy creates satisfied customer.

Best quality - best price

"Best quality for the best price" - our business philosophy also spreads itself out on the entire business model. Lemonbar srl offers young driven people the unique possibility, without a financial risk or assistant financing, to achieve their dream of an independent entrepreneur the easy way. Pretty much like the drink "Lemon classic", purchasable for really small amount, the Lemonbar itself should be affordable for everyone too. Therefore our target group is wide-ranging and includes the student or housewife, who can work out an income, up to the employee or manager, who develops a second mainstay.

Young entrepreneurs and new jobs

The convincing business model is designed by a well thought of corporate structure of numerous young entrepreneurs. The operation of only a single Lemonbar means the creation of a young entrepreneur as well as the generating of at least two further jobs. In this way, over 80 "selfmade" young entrepreneur and innumerable coherent jobs have already been generated.

A contribution towards a "healthy diet"

With an increasing number of Lemonbars the proportion of health-conscious supply of the population rises in the same extent. Per business day a Lemonbar uses, on the average, about 20 kg of fresh fruits. Projected on the sale, this means a colossal increase of the turnover of organically grown tropical fruits. Summarized, the Lemonbar is an important economical contribution towards "health-conscious beverages".

These are only a few reasons, why it is worthwhile to support and promote this unconventional business model.

The fruits of our labour ratify the success. Thousands of customers confirm: For a constantly growing circle of acquaintances there is already no proper alternative as to:

Our slogan: Go for nature!